SolarCity Complaints-All there’s needed to Know

SolarCity_complaintsSolarCity once used to be the name of honor for its employees and customers, but last two years have made it a name of disgrace. From poor customer care service to badly installed equipment, SolarCity complaints can be heard everywhere in the market. Since it is the largest solar contractor in the market promising reliability and efficiency, people expect great service from SolarCity.

Since its inception in 2006, SolarCity has gained credibility in providing solar energy service throughout the United States. SolarCity promises to provide long-term usage and an amazing customer service to homeowners- or so it says. However, recently there have been many SolarCity complaints, making us question the company’s services.

The most common complain being heard about SolarCity is related to its monthly bill. While SolarCity claims to provide free trial for the first month, people have complaint about paying double price in the second month. People are also complaining about overcharging, which is a common thing but unknown to customers. Also, if you’re planning on uninstalling the solar system, forget about getting any kind of refund. Moreover, if you’re paying for a helpful service, then prepare to be disappointed. Considering the reviews, customer service of SolarCity is not known to be much helpful. Several SolarCity complaints are related to not getting a response from the customer care service.

Many SolarCity complaints are related to the dissatisfaction of customers regarding the installation of solar equipment. Customers did not have any issue with the quality of the product, but rather the way it was installed on the roof. Many customers complained about a delay in the installation process and the system not being turned active for months. To know more about the company see this post.

The roof problem is also quite common among the customers. Many customers have complained about the damaged rooftops after the technicians installed the solar equipment. There’s a high risk that even the equipment is not properly installed and it might fail the city inspection. The technicians also tend to skip the inspections and also tend to overlook if there’s any fault. This has a bad effect on the reputation of their customer service.

If you’re planning on acquiring the services of SolarCity, bear in mind that you might get to be disappointed. If there’s a fault in the installation process or the energy usage, SolarCity refuses to take any responsibility for their poor customer service. Though billing payment is also a common problem amongst customers, customer service is the most prominent complaint.

SolarCity complaints are an insight to what’s going on behind the scenes of such a well-known company. The company may have a good repute up front but many customers are unsatisfied by its services. This has been going on for past two years. However, it has been heard that recently the company has been trying to win back its reputation. Many customers have been saying that the SolarCity’s customer service has been getting better. Get more information visit

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