Most Famous Selection of Love Quotes

Most Famous Selection of Love Quotes

And here I am again, cashing all my rage writing any melancholy thing about love, leaving aside my feelings every frustration that made me go again. But it has to be like that, my reverie thinks that looking into his eyes will be able to talk all these things without flinching.


I am a coward even, I hide behind a pencil and paper, but please try to understand, it’s not easy to stay sober in front of you. If you ever come by and read this, please do not tear or burn if you do not want to throw you out the window, let the wind take. There are many people out there in need of some love.


To change the world we need not make big plans of
government or economic strategies 360 degrees, and all those
socialist things the IV century left of monarchy
has been trying to convince us that are extraterrestrials
who devise subliminal conspiracies of packages
chips. Just use your charity!


I wish I could touch your heart,
make you feel all the love I feel for you
And so change your life for the better
result you would also change with my true love good morning my love too For Love has no income, does not come with bull or manual, love is to give without fear, without measure, naturally


If you have the pleasure to someone deliver a heart in his hands, take good care of it. Drizzle it daily with love and affection, depositing it in a sea of tranquility, so avoid having hypertensions that could destroy it. And after some time will notice easily how healthy and happy will be yours.


You only looked at me and told me exactly what I needed at that time, and did me the kindness, I believe, be the best in the world. The one I have always given but never received. My heart confused, should deliver or should be kept? It is difficult to answer when the seasons are changing.


There are only four indomitable forces
the fire that burns all the water that it can overflow, the winds that devastate what is in front, and the most powerful force of all the passionate heart, because this faces water, wind and fire, in order, to be beside the beloved.


I gaucho! A gift with pride! I keep with me, affection and love for my roots.
I have blood pampas, heart in love with this culture, with little feel happy. That mate that warms the soul, a long trotted with the most beautiful foal, a barbecue type and good people to share the best laughs.


Dawn is the longing in your heart beat, you did everything but not forgotten, the feeling that felt true died, no one knows how much you suffered, wish her tears saw smiles and everything is good with you, I’m using improvisation. firebox, battle, defeat, victory, God wants to write a new story, have faith, go ahead!


I’ve tried to be cold, but I have a warm heart, I try to be bitter but just know too sweet kisses, I tried to be indifferent but always am different, I am all you like being despite the madness and passion in me I have a lot of faith, hope everything is always the few who dreams come true.


Even if your machine my heart, and do anything to hurt me, yet I will love you if you do not understand, and to abstain from believing as I can love you like that, because I will always love you? Because my life was empty, not had reason to smile, did not know what love was until I met you, my heart beats for you there.


I believe that somehow we know you will love. Suddenly you look and think, “Oh I want so much to me.” And then comes that mixed tremor and chills, a fear of addiction, the fight, which is not always easy. I know that the heart is deceitful, most of the time … I tried to resist, but it was not long, and here you there until today!


When the days darken and become sad and gloomy, trust in the love of Jesus and you will not lack hope for light again shine in your heart.
And when you lose everything, still have a great God who extends your hand and turns you into a winner when all seem to have abandoned you.


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