How to Become a Pharmacist: 7 STEPS TO FOLLOW

Pharmacy deals with the study of drugs, uses of drugs and the synthesis of the drugs. The one who study pharmacy is called the pharmacist. The query is that how to become a pharmacist and in which field do the pharmacist can work. The exact answer is that you require 2 to 3 years to gain the degree of pharmacy.

These 7 steps will help you to understand and the degree require being the pharmacist are as follow:

Earn Matric Degree: It is essential for you to earn the Matric degree with the science subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. You should get the 1st division in the matric to become a pharmacist.

Earn Fsc. degree: After the matriculation, you have to earn the Fsc. degree with pre-medical with subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It is essential for you to get a Fsc. the degree to become a pharmacist. You should get the good percentage to be the pharmacist.

Entry test phase: To take admission in any professional field, you should have to take the entry test. Some institutes don’t conduct a test for admission and some universities make the test compulsory. But if your institutes made the test compulsory then you should have to clear the test in order to get the admission in the professional field like a pharmacy.

Get a Bachelor Degree: This is the first step of professional level of education. It is the duration of 4 years after the Fsc. You are lucky if you got the chance of getting the professional degree after clearing the entry test. In this degree, you came to know that

How to become a pharmacist: In the Bachelor degree, you will study the pharmacy. If you are a newbie in this field then it is better for you to receive the pre-pharmacy course from any other institute that may also help you in better understanding in your field.

Be ready for the PCT test: After the bachelor degree in the pharmacy, you should also have to earn the degree of Pharm-D. But to get admission in the Pharm-D you have to give the PCT test. PCT stands for Pharmacy college Admission test. This test is essential to take admission in the Pharm-D. Before taking admission in any institute for Pharm-D, check the institutes which offer the Pharm-D and apply to them.

Earn degree of Pharm-D: After qualifying the PCT test you can take admission in the Pharm-D. This is also four-year program. It includes the practical which make you expert in pharmacy. The senior pharmacist assists the students in the degree of Pharm-D

Get licensed: After completing the Pharm-D you have to get the training in the Govt. institutes to get licensed. To survive in the market license is essential. After getting the one-year training in the Govt. institutes you will get License. After getting the license, you can survive in the market. You can select the Govt. institute for the Job. The people working in this field should be very careful about their health. Because different materials are used in the synthesis of the drugs which have harmful effects on the health of the manufacturer includes the synthesis of the medicines. All above information of the degrees is the answer to the question that how to become a pharmacist or what are the educational requirements for pharmacy.

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